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2016 Fischer Motive 95 Ti Ski

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Fischer Motive 95 Ti. Returning for 2016: the Motive 95ti is a tour-de-force of versatility and performance.  Might simply be one of the best skis on the market today, at any price. If you crave hard snow performance and all-mountain versatility; in a ski that will grow with you give expert-level performance and reward top skills, this is it.  

The Motive 95ti has 2 sheets of metal, a rockered tip, traditional tip profile, small rounded tail, and camber underfoot.  It skis like a real ski: versatile, powerful, easy in most any condition.  This is truly a ski that threads the needle between powerful-stable, to versatile and forgiving.  It has an easygoing nature about it that gets better at speed: very good on rock-hard groomers when putting around, but comes alive when opening it up. Excellent edge hold.  High marks for tip engagement feel, and power through the belly of the turn as the ski is loaded.  Tail release is very versatile: either light, or loaded and springy if you are getting serious ski loading.  This ski rips up junk snow at speed.  Truly a good soft snow weapon.  Fairly decent float at the tip, holds up in rough snow very well.  In bumps, it isn't too stiff, the tail doesn't bite if you get back there; it is about as solid as it could feel and still be a good bump ski.  In trees, it is a scalpel; very quick edge engagement; the better your skills are, the more rewarding the Motive 95ti, but it is accessable to mid-level improving skiers as well.  

What makes the Motive 95ti different from every other all-mountain mid 90's to low 100's skis out there?  The ease of use combined with the level of performance in this ski.  There are plenty of big-mountain monsters out there.  The Motive 95ti is rare in that it is approachable by many skiers, yet has the top end of it's competitors.  If you are skiing a steep dicey situation and are a little tentative, the 95ti won't punish you.  Unlike some of the stronger skis out there.  And, it rips on groomers, unlike many of today's top skis, which can feel pretty vague and overly turny.  

Recommended terrain: all-mountain, groomers to deeper new snow.  

ability level: upper intermediate to full-blown expert

Speeds: moderate to very fast 

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