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2019 Stöckli Stormrider 95

2019 Stöckli Stormrider 95

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Unchaged for 2019! 


2019 Stöckli Stormrider 95.  


The new 95 improves upon the old ski in many ways.  Weight is down, stability is up, and the new flex is an improvement upon what was, in 2017, considered of the best skis on the planet.


The new 2019 layup retains the classic Stockli feel.  The feel can be described as unlimited power and edge grip, combined with a refinement uncommon in such stable skis, paired with a huge sweet spot. The 95 skis like a longer ski in terms of stability, and like a shorter ski in terms of the ability to change direction and move on the ski.  


What I immediately noticed about the SR95 is that, for a 5 foot 9, skier, the 175cm was the perfect go-anywhere length, whereas the 2017 174cm always felt a bit short.  The 175cm completely owned steeper, oddly-shaped wind bumps and funky pitches.  


The 175cm was quick, incredibly nimble, and felt like a wider Laser AX in steep sections.  In softer snow and where the conditions demanded some float, the 95 had the perfect tip flex to get above the soft snow while remaining predictable and easy to handle at all times.  


On groomers, it not only kept up with a group of ex-racers on Head Supershape Rally skis, but also was getting compliments from those skiers who were impressed with the edge angles and the power I was generating from such a wide ski.  Of course, inside every Stockli is a race ski pedigree, no matter the width and flex.  They have always made skis that skilled skiers can extract a lot of performance from.


In soft snow, I felt the 184cm to ski surprisingly short and easy.  Often, I shy away from skis much over 180cm, but the 184cm SR95 proved to be surprisingly effortless in tight trees.  The ski actually felt more at ease in tight spaces than the previous generation SR95 in 183cm.  With that said, I would opt for the 175cm unless I were taller or mainly using it as a soft snow ski. 


The closest ski I can compare it to is the old Kastle MX88 in 178cm.  Both have the same vice-like grip on hard snow and effortless versatility in weird conditions. The MX88 gets the edge for energy and power, while the SR95 feels buttery smooth and a bit more forgiving in really weird snow conditions, such as windpack and re-frozen bumps.   








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