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2020 Stockli Laser AX skis

2020 Stockli Laser AX skis

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The 2020 Stockli Laser AX was perhaps the best ski one could buy last year.  It is tough to fathom that the 2020 Laser AX is better, but that is indeed the case.  The 2020 improves on the 2018's design substantially, but retains the power, precision, and balance of the AX it replaced.  

I find the 2020's stability to be an upgrade over the previous model's.  Previously, at 5 foot 9 and fairly aggressive, I enjoyed the 175cm best. In this iteration, the 175cm felt a little "dead" as the tip is a bit stiffer and has less rocker.  The 167cm, however, is playful yet with sublime tip engagement. It delivers confidence in any snow condition. My 2nd through 5th runs on this ski were spent skiing perfect spring bumps on West Face, and I simply couldn't make a mistake on it.  This may be the best expert-level bump ski on the planet.  Likewise, as a softer spring snow carver, the ski has the perfect balance of tail energy, predictable release, and early turn tip engagement and power. It feels a bit more balanced tip to tail, rather than the light tip feel that was slightly present in the previous version. Stability is up, but energy is as present as the previous model.  I don't say this lightly, but the new Laser AX is probably the most versatile ski one can buy today. It is the perfect ski to purchase when a skier needs a Swiss-Army Knife one day and a scalpel the next.  

 Recommended terrain: groomers; funky snow that isn't too deep; bumps; crud and challenging conditions 

ability level: upper intermediate to full-blown expert

Speeds: moderate to very fast 

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