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2017 Kastle FX95 HP Ski w/Attack 13 adjustable binding 181cm

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2016 Kastle FX95 HP. Quite possibly the best all-around ski available on the market going forward.  If you prize the stability of the MX series, but need more versatilty in cruddy snow, this is your model.  It absolutely rips at speed; smooth as silk, powerful, and feels more like a carver on hard snow than almost any ski I know of.  Yet, it is extremely capable in cut-up conditions; very relaxing, responds instantly to precise movements, supple in bumps, quick in trees. Truly the evolution of the all-mountain ski.

 This pair is a demo, mounted up with approximately 10 days of use.  


Cosmetically, it is in good condition for the topsheet; does have some scuffing.  


Bases are perfect.  For those of you price-shopping, most of the "demos" on the market have 50-75 days on them, which are the best 50-75 days of a ski's life.  Our shop only has customers around Christmas and Spring Break, and our high-end skis are not rented often.  Think of our demos as buying a car with 12,000 miles on it, and the demos you may see online from a big reseller with 100,000 miles on them.  Of course, those sellers don't mention they bought the ski from a major resort that sees their gear go out 5 days a week, all winter long. 


Feel free to call with any questions: we can pull the SKU and see exactly how many days are tied to a particular ski.  

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