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2017 Kastle K13 Attack adjustable binding

2017 Kastle K13 Attack adjustable binding

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2017 Kastle K13 Attack adjustable. The K13 Attack is the best adjustable binding on the market, it is light and solid, no play in the system, and perfect for any ski.  Additionally, using this binding gives you the ability to dial in your stance on the ski.  The "recommended" mount point on most skis is really a roll of the dice: a lot of factors come into play, such as leg to torso ratio, skier height, stance, skiing style, and mount points can vary as much as 8cm between brands on skis of identical length. The Attack 13 Demo solves this problem: you can play with your fore-aft stance without redrilling your ski. 


The 95mm brake fits up to a 100mm width ski.

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