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2018 Stockli Laser AX w/Attack 13 adjustable binding 175cm

2018 Stockli Laser AX w/Attack 13 adjustable binding 175cm

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2018 Stockli Laser AX

New for 2018!  There is simply no better technical frontside-all mountain ski available today than the Stockli Laser AX.  

Updated with carbon in the tip and tail, the AX loses weight, but adds stability!  Also new is the "turtleshell" tip.  It is a cutout in the titanium that allows the tip to flex longitudinally, but stiffen laterally as the ski is tipped onto edge.  The result is a softer tip in floaty new and crud snow, and a stiffer tip when ripping groomers.  

Note, these are as-new, mounted with Attack 13 adjustable bindings!  You won't be able to tell them from a brand new ski.  4 runs on them; they were traded in toward an SC

The AX is Stockli's "all-mountain/frontside daily driver".  It can do anything: with rocker at the tip, a moderate early rise and tip taper, the AX literally will destroy any sort of on or off-piste condition. It is somewhat similar in shape to the Blizzard Brahma Flipcore series, but upgraded throughout.  Perhaps the most versatile carver available; the AX is supremely confident in any turn shape, at any speed, and excels at a varying range of skier ability and skiier speeds.  It is one of those skis that is a GS ski at heart, yet supple and easy to ski in bumps and crud. Excellent edge grip for such a versatile ski.  Perfect for the skier ripping groomers, the skier looking for a versatile frontside ride, and the skier who wants a narrower, grippy off-piste ski.  The AX has a huge range; as such, many instructors also prefer it as their daily ski. 

Construction-wise, the AX is state of the art.  Typically world-leading Swiss manufacturing techniques. The AX has the turtleshell described above, but Stockli uses a proprietary perforation process that keeps the ski flex manageable and can be tailored throughout the ski to achieve the desired flex characteristics. Furthermore, Stockli has a gluing process that they developed, using glue beads, that utilizes 30% of the glue of a normal ski layup. This not only saves weight, but ensures a very uniform layup and achievement of the desired flex.  The Swiss consistency you would expect is present in every Stockli.  

This ski is available for purchase at any time during the season.  It is new, but will likely get around 20 runs of use as it will be used for demo purposes.  It will still present as-new with neither base damage nor cosmetic issues.  

The binding mounted will be the Tyrolia Attack 13 adjustable.  




12.9m radius

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