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2018 Stockli Laser AX skis flat

2018 Stockli Laser AX skis flat

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Perhaps the  most versatile frontside ski every made returns with Turtle-shell technology, a redesigned titanium machining pattern designed to tailor the flex of the ski to make it suitable for any condition, and a lighter, more powerful wood core layup.  The Laser AX is truly state-of-the-art.


In our testing, the Laser AX out-performed every single sub-80mm ski on variable and crusty off-piste snow.  The AX is far more than a frontside power ski: it is a narrow all-mountain ski, crud ski, bump ski, and high performance carver rolled into one. The characteristics one notices when skiing the AX for the first time is the refinement and terrain absorption of the ski.  The AX is not exactly a stiff ski; in contrast, it has the "right" amount of stiffness.  The lateral flex is far from overpowering, as the ski is designed to load progressively, and not have the "on-off" feel of cheaper, uniformly stiff skis.  The true test of a ski is if loading follows the input of the skier, or if the ski has "a mind of it's own", adding pressure whether or not the skier applies pressure.  The AX passes this test with flying colors: the turn in is progressive, as is the loading of the ski, until it is tipped into a high edge angle and truly loads into an arc. This progressiveness is the perfect characteristic for skiing steep bumps, where the ski tends to remain at a low edge angle, as well as junky snow, where a perfectly flexed ski will not be hooky and aggressive.


On harder snow and groomers, the AX also performs flawlessly. Underfoot, it has all the power one could ask for, but the power is manageable and always under control of the skier. It feels like the difference between a muscle car and a true sportscar.  The former may throw you back in your seat upon acceleration and feel beefier, but the latter has the tactile feel, balance, and forgiveness to allow the driver to push the limits of the car at the track and in the twisties, leaving that muscle car far behind in the rearview mirror.  The skis absolutely locked in when you want full grip and power, but will progressively load, scarve, and change direction with minimal energy required.  It is a chameleon, performing exactly what the skier asks of it.  


There may not be a better ski made today than the Laser AX.  If you have any more questions, feel free to call us at 541-593-2453.  We have skied the Laser lineup extensively and may have the most Stockli knowledge of any shop in America.  Between our employees, we have owned the AX, SC, SX, GS, and CS, and can definitively speak about the nuances between each model and length.  


Recommended terrain: groomers; funky snow that isn't too deep; bumps; crud and challenging conditions 

ability level: upper intermediate to full-blown expert

Speeds: moderate to very fast 

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