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2017 Fischer Ranger 108 TI

2017 Fischer Ranger 108 TI

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2017 Fischer Ranger 108 Ti.


Versatility is the word for the 108ti. It does gain stability over the 98ti in the same lengths, and adds a bit more heft in rough snow. With that said, it easily meets any other ski on the market for it's overall capabilities in this 105mm width category. Light enough to use as an AT ski, but bomber enough never to let you down in any sort of condition. Smooth, quite lively, some power in the tail, and eager to get on edge; it feels very balanced, truly a skier's ski. It is that “one” ski that can take you from steep bumps and trees to wide open bowls, and not leave you wanting to get back to the car and swap it out for something different. It does like softer snow conditions: on hard, funky snow at speed, the Motive series has more dampness and better tracking built into the ski. The new Motive series from Fischer may be the best new line we have seen for 2016; given the ease of use, capabilities of the ski, wide range of skier types it is suitable for, and wide range of conditions it thrives in. For us, an off-piste ski has to perform as well in tight spaces as does in wide-open Western conditions, and this ski won't disappoint. One of the top new skis for 2016. Ski it +5cm over head height.

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