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2016 Head Monster 83 Ski

2016 Head Monster 83 Ski

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2016 Head Monster 83: a slightly friendlier version of the Instinct TI Pro: perfect for the skier who wants top level performance occasionally, but not a ski that will be demanding in other conditions. Very smooth, powerful, not super muscular like Head skis of old. It really does cover a huge range of abilities: from high intermediate to full-expert. We found it to really shine in mid radius turns on funky snow: bumps, crud, trees, and icy to soft. It tracked well, changed direction very quickly, as the ski is super light, and the tip is forgiving. The Head snow feel has gotten extremely smooth the past few years, rivaling only a handful of top level companies, and the 83 is no exception. It will blast at speed, but I think you look at the Instinct Pro TI if you ski fast all day. The 83 has more range, and is more at home at both fast and slower speeds. Laying it over, it hooks up, and is trustworthy; just a great jack of all trades model if you are looking for a mid 80's ski.


Dimensions: 123/85/110 tip/waist/tail

Radius: 18m in 177cm

Available lengths: 163/170/177/184cm (call us for special orders on lengths not listed here)

The Monster 83 is the most groomer oriented ski in the Monster lineup: it is the ski for those who want precise groomer performance, yet forgiveness in challenging off-piste conditions. It is a very fun and easy tree and bump ski; nice forgiving tip in crusty snow.  Yet, on groomers, it can cruise at low edge angles or give back a moderate amount of energy at higher speeds. Doesn't feel super powerful like the Instinct TI Pro does: that ski is really for those looking for a real powerhouse of a groomer and off-piste ski.  The Monster 83 is a little more laid back; like a REV 85 Pro with less sidcut.  Very fun and versatile ski, will be suitable for anyone from high intermediate on up.  Ski it around or under head height. 

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