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2016 Head Monster 88 Ski

2016 Head Monster 88 Ski

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2016 Head Monster 88. Fully redesigned from the ground up; the legendary all-mountain ski of the mid 2000's get a complete makeover. The new Head Monster 88 is much friendlier than the old model, yet even more capable. The old Monster was regarded as nearly a wide GS ski at times: the new model has a lot of flex tip and tail, making it easy to initiate and a ripper in bumps. Very low early rise give you just enough help with initiation and keeps you out of crappy snow, but keeps the tip glued to the snow when diving into the belly of the turn. Tracking on the Monster 88 is very clean, predictable; it pulls you into the turn somewhat but lets the skier dictate the turn direction. The skier can tighten up or loosen the turn as conditions dictate. Excellent edge grip and power when loaded properly. Moderate energy out of the turn, a nice amount of snap, super predictable. I knew what the 88 was doing underfoot at all times: no surprises; it has a very reliable, confident feel. It is also nice that this ski retains the traditional tip and tail profile for the most part: no funky pin-tail and big taper tip that reduces power and neuters the ski. This ski will best be suited to those that occasionally want a powerful ski with a lot of top end, but that can motor at low speeds and be super friendly in bumps and tight spaces as well. I think of it as a poor-mans Stormrider 88 (from Stockli). Ski around head height or below

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