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2016 Head Monster 98 Ski

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2016 Head Monster 98. This is the 2nd biggest ski in the Monster lineup, and it has a bit of the more classic “Monster” top end than the 88/83 do. It isn't exactly a bruiser: much friendlier than the old lineup was, kind of feels like a bit beefed up REV 98, which is a great thing. The Monster 98 has a middle of the road snowfeel: easy to ski, yet muscular and up to the task of skiing rough snow at speed. It tracks well, short of only a handful of uber-skis in junk snow. Plenty of float: I loved the way the tip engaged and gave me perfect feedback throughout the turn. I much prefer this tip style to the often dis-engaged feel of some excessively rockered models. Like all of the new-gen Monster skis; it is light and easy to ski. I could really load it through the turn and sling myself into the next galaxy, or I could butter the turn and use more fore-aft foot movements to control speed, as in bumps. It doesn't get stuck on edge, locked in whatsoever: the lateral flex is very predictable and just perfect for a ski that may be ripping a groomer one run and sending a big line the next. Ease of use was easily toward the top of this category: all of the bigger 98mm skis are getting easier to ski, but the Monster 98 could be handled by a pretty low level skier, yet is worthy of very good skills too. The 98 shines the best in mid to long radius turns, slower to fast: it just eats up terrain and is super easy to know what is going on at all times. Again, this could be considered a poor-mans Stockli SR95: it has similar ease of use, a damp, smooth, and communicative feel underfoot, and top level performance without being a bruiser. Should be near the top of any all-mountain skier's list; this is a great road trip ski. Ski it head height or above. I am 175cm tall and actually could have gone longer than 177cm in this model.

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