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2017 Kastle BMX 105 Ski

2017 Kastle BMX 105 Ski

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2017 Kastle BMX 105. Perhaps the most versatile big-mountain ski on the planet. Equally suited to slower and faster skiers, trees, bumps, big lines, choppy snow, and even the groomer.  It re-defines versatility in this category.  Previously, powerful skis in this width weren't all that versatile, and versatile skis in this category fell apart under more powerful skiing and in challenging conditions. This ski has the perfect balance of power and flex; it has a wider range than any other wide ski I know of.  

Comparison skis that hold their own against this ski: Stockli Stormrider 107 is really the only other choice. Lots of other "good" skis, but nothing quite this superb. 

recommended length: size up a bit. The ski has a fair amount of tip and tail rocker.  You will want to ski it at head height minimum, good skiers will go up 5-10cm in length over head height. For example, I ski a 181cm, feels perfect, and am 175cm tall. 

134/105/123, 21m radius in 181cm


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