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2017 Kastle FX95 HP Ski

2017 Kastle FX95 HP Ski

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2017 Kastle FX95 HP. Quite possibly the best all-around ski available on the market going forward.  If you prize the stability of the MX series, but need more versatilty in cruddy snow, this is your model.  It absolutely rips at speed; smooth as silk, powerful, and feels more like a carver on hard snow than almost any ski I know of.  Yet, it is extremely capable in cut-up conditions; very relaxing, responds instantly to precise movements, supple in bumps, quick in trees. Truly the evolution of the all-mountain ski.  


The FX95 HP has 2 sheets of metal, vs no metal in the standard FX95. The difference is not simply stiffness: the skis have a vastly different character. Tend to ski higher speeds, a bit more wide open terrain?  The HP likely is the better choice.  Tend to stick to the bumps, trees, more moderate speeds, and like a ski that dances rather than blasts through the snow?  Look at the non-metal FX95 (or FX85, BMX105, all the same ski in different widths).  If you are a big skier, over 190 lbs, the HP may be the better choice.  Under 150?  standard non-HP version.  In between? It all depends on the terrain. I have been told by Finndog that the FX85 without metal might be the ultimate Steamboat Springs ski; perfect for lots of bumps, trees, terrain everywhere.  A big 220 lb skier may opt for the HP.  I can say out here at Mt. Bachelor, most people would opt for the HP, as our terrain is typically pretty wide open, turn where you feel like turning, rather than terrain dictating your turns.  Even with that said, when bumps are forming underneath, the non-HP is a better choice, while for wide open crud, I like the HP.    


With Kastle (and other premium brands such as Stockli), you can easily get double the number of days out of a ski vs. what you would get from a "big" company ski, which uses mass production techniques and cheaper materials.

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