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2017 Kastle FX95 Ski

2017 Kastle FX95 Ski

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Looking for the 2018 Kastle FX95, or the HP version? We are taking special orders on these models: Please call us for unbeatable knowledge and great pricing! 541-593-2453 or


2017 Kastle FX 95: the FX95 is perhaps the most versatile ski you can buy. Kastle offers 2 skis in the 95 width: the 95 (no metal) and the 95 HP (2 sheets of metal). The FX95 (no metal) is the choice for tighter trees, bumps, moderate speed terrain.  It is smooth, easy to ski, has a crazy amount of float for the moderate width of the ski, and is so easy to pilot in tight spaces and bumps. This ski RIPS in fall line bumps and hobbit-sized tree gaps, it also may be the ultimate Steamboat Springs ski (or perhaps tied with the narrower FX85).  Tip and tail taper, rocker at the tip and tail, camber underfoot.  The quality of construction on the handmade Kastle makes all of the difference here: it is a true race-room quality ski, with the best core and base materials available today.  Each ski is perfectly consistent, the flex is uniform and as intended throughout the length of the ski, the snowfeel is unrivaled by any ski under $1000.

When skiing the FX95, I find the overall nature of the ski to be "playful".  The ski likes to bounce in and out of turns, the tail is fairly soft and forgiving, the tip is floaty, underfoot the camber gives the ski some bounce.  It has a nearly whimsical character, this is a ski for dancing in and out of turns.  A lot of skiers will discount the non-metal version of this ski and look only at the 2 sheets of metal HP version, but at their own peril.  The HP is outstanding in it's own right, but very different in character.  If you like to dance on a ski, and require a ski to make small adjustments in tight spaces, the standard FX95 may be the better choice unless you are a very big skier.  


With Kastle (and other premium brands such as Stockli), you can easily get double the number of days out of a ski vs. what you would get from a "big" company ski, which uses mass production techniques and cheaper materials.  

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