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2017 Kastle MX74 w/Kastle carve plate system binding

2017 Kastle MX74 w/Kastle carve plate system binding

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2017 Kastle MX74: the MX74 is a new release from Kastle. It has the power of the 84, but in a shorter turn, more precise feel. It has a bit more of a slalom, all-around carver persona vs. the MX84, which has a 16m radius but more of a damp GS presence.  The MX74 has some snap in the tail, reminiscent of the old RXSL carver, but in an all-mountain package. Slightly softer than the MX84 and MX89 in terms of on-snow feel, it is a superb frontside weapon.  Arguably the most versatile frontside carver/all mountain ski ever made; it gets raves from most anyone who has skied it.  Suits lighter skiers under 175lbs, as the flex is a bit more playful than the 84 and 89.  Laterally, just as stiff, but expect more energy out of this ski. The tail is extremely forgiving for such a powerhouse slalom carver. 


This pair offers the bespoke plate system for the MX74.  It enhances grip and power, and is a perfect match for a ski of this caliber.  

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