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2017 Kastle MX89

  • 82500

2017 Kastle MX89 This is the genre-defining ski for a ~90mm ski. If there is one ski that many people could own, it is the MX89. It is a skier's ski, right down to the core. This is the ski that started it all from Kastle, and remains their best top-horsepower ski, for both crud, big-mountain skiing, and groomers. It has the best combination of edge grip, stability, and smoothness in a ski that I have ever seen. It simply doesn't get much better than this ski. Icy Groomers, hitting 3G on the turn exit? Check. Crushing crud at 40mph? The MX89 has you covered. It is simply outstanding in every aspect of the game. They use race-room construction, a rubber damping layer, higher quality wood cores, and the fastest bases on the market to create this ski. It isn't cheap, but the best never is. The tip has plenty of float for a mid-width ski that is sub 90mm,  and the tail has all the power of a race ski. There simply isn't a better one-ski quiver on the planet.


We had some mind-blowing runs on this last spring.  Epic blower pow at Copper mountain; superb spring slush down at Mt. Rose in February, a big spring storm day at Mt. Bachelor in March, and perhaps the best spring day of the season at Squaw in April.  The new MX89 was the ultimate one-ski quiver each of these days.  At the comparatively low-angle Copper Mountain resort, the MX89 felt like the legendary 98: a quick ski considering the power, silky smooth at any speed, and ready to grip like a powerful GS ski when laying over on those legendary groomers. The lower angle bumps were easy and fluid.  


Transitioning to the steeper Mt. Rose chutes, the MX89 really came alive under pressure: it was unflappable, very solid, and quick for a bigger ski (180cm).  In that chalky sun-shaded north facing bowl, I found the MX89 to be a better ski than I was skier.  

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