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2018 Stockli Laser AX 175cm

2018 Stockli Laser AX 175cm

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The Stockli Laser AX returns as a 2-year product cycle ski for 2018.  Flat out the most versatile technical narrower ski on the market.  It ranges from an 8/10th's frontside groomer ski one of the best bump skis on the planet.  The AX handles junk and crappy snow with ease, has no real speed limit, yet is more predictable in crappy snow than most any ski you can buy today.  The AX is the epitome of a high performance ski that can handle any condition at most any speed.  Add these characteristics to Stockli's traditional GS silky smooth feel and a world-class dual structure tune out of the box, and the result is perhaps the best ski available today. We can't help but smile when powering this across a groomer or floating through junky snow with ease.

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