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2017 Kastle FX85 Ski

2017 Kastle FX85 Ski

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2017 Kastle FX85.  This is one of the best skis on earth for the Colorado skier.  Superb in bumps, junky snow, funky snow, and blower snow.  A fun, easy tree ski, perfect for skiers back East as well, who need a ski with rocker and camber, yet don't require a ton of width.  It is the prototypical off-piste hardpack and mixed snow ski.  The FX85 has a predictable feel and smoothness that is uncommon in almost any ski on the market.  It is stable at speed, nimble at slow speeds, yet brings a lightweight, refined ride along with a huge sweet spot. As one recent customer said "I demoed about 8 skis before I found the FX85.  They were all pretty good, but I wasn't 100% sold on anything.  Within 6 turns on the FX, I was hooked".  

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