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2017 Kastle MX84

2017 Kastle MX84

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2017 Kastle MX84.  An update on the venerable MX83, the all-new MX84 takes the classic 83 and brings in 10 to 15% more performance.  The sizing is all new for 2017: now available in 168/176/184, more skiers will find their sweet spot on the 84 than the previous size matrix. The 84 absolutely crushes crud and new snow; it's a powerhouse that moves snow out of the way; definitely a GS ski at heart.  With that said, what really makes the MX84 special is the unmatched refined snowfeel and massive sweet spot for such a powerful ski. It can be skied up or down: set up for a very high level skier ripping at race speeds, or an improving upper intermediate that is constantly growing and getting better as a skier.  The phrase "smooth as silk" comes to mind: it levels the snow as few others do. Edging is powerful, turn entry is predictable but locked in, executing exactly as the skier directs.  This ski does not have a mind of it's own: on it, I never feel like the ski is taking me for a ride or has a tendency to be too stiff in the tail and unforgiving.  Being fairly stout, it is quite good in bumps and funky snow, but not "surfy" and not a great choice for deep snow.  It's a precision tool that can explore the entire mountain, yet wouldn't be out of place in a beer league race.  


One of the best skis on the planet. 

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