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2018 Blizzard Black Pearl 98

2018 Blizzard Black Pearl 98

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2018 Blizzard Black Pearl 98: unchanged for 2019


The 2018 Blizzard Black Pearl 98 is a new model from Blizzard, building on the award-winning success of the Black Pearl 88.  Flipcore construction for liveliness underfoot combined with a forgiving tip and tail make this ski easy in any condition.  The Black Pearl 98 has a large sweet spot and it will handle any condition, snow and terrain. Overall a very well balanced ski, the BP is smooth and responsive, easy for an intermediate to handle yet with expert level performance capable under the right feet. The 98 steps up the width and is the choice for skiers finding deeper snow off-piste.  With similar flex patterns, both the 88 and 98 ski similarly.  


The skis have been updated for 2018 with added carbon and a more forgiving flex.  The superior top end of the Black Pearl is still present, but the ski has a wider range these days, it is now superior in bumps and tight spaces as well, also a great choice for that lightweight skier! 

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