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2019 Blizzard Rustler 10

2019 Blizzard Rustler 10

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Unchanged for 2019: the Rustler 11 is back and better than ever. Save on the 2018 color scheme! 


The new Rustler collection from Blizzard ranks amongst the most impressive skis for 2018.  The Rustlers are superb all-around skis for off-piste skiing: they are predictable when releasing and feature predictable, progressive flex patterns in the tip and tail. What does this mean from a skiing perspective? They have the right amount of "bite" in steeps, trees, and bumps, without the spoony or disengaged tip typical of many of the skis in this segment.  The Rustler is easy to ski, with a forgiving tail and huge sweet spot, yet it does not have a "wet noodle" or "detuned" presence. It is light and lively.  Stability is down over the Cochise, as one would expect considering what the Rustler was designed to do, but it is stable enough for all but the hardest chargers.  As a soft snow, tight tree and glade ski, it has few equals at this price point. The 11 is the dedicated soft-snow ski and a better choice in over a foot of new, as well as for low-angle skiing and heavier snow conditions.  It is also a great bump ski for such a wide ride.    

If you require more less width or a quicker ski, the Rustler 10 is a superb choice.  

The ski is unchanged (except for graphics) for 2019, so save yourself $200 here if you are in the market! 


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